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Sierra de Viento ICE

Manual harvest carried out at the end of November on steep slopes at an altitude of more than 800 metres in an area that stands out for its exceptional stony slate and quartzite that create unique conditions for this Moscatel liqueur.

Sierra de Viento ICE

Moscatel de Alejandría

Limited edition 6,000 bottles – Gran Bacchus de Oro 2015.

On the slopes of Encinacorba. At more than 800m of altitude. Caressed by the Cierzo wind is where we find the Moscatel de Alejandría vineyards that allow us to enjoy this wonderful liqueur wine.

On the slopes of Encinacorba. At more than 800m of altitude and caressed by the Cierzo wind are the Moscatel de Alejandría vineyards, settled on slate and Cambrian quartzites raised during the alpine folding.

In the area surrounding our vineyards we can find a varied vegetation with tree species such as pine trees, holm oaks, cork oaks, oaks or black poplars, which make autumn an ​​authentic explosion of colours. We can also find unique species like butcher’s broom, kermes oak and holly and plants like primroses, buttercups and daffodils. As well as a great variety of mycological species, among which is the highly valued red pine mushroom.

In the old realms of the marquisate is the Monte Alcañiz estate, where our winegrowers strive to obtain fruit each day, which if produced wisely, create wines of high expression and quality.

  • 2012, Sierra de Viento ICE Moscatel de Alejandría, Puntos Peñín, 92 POINTS
  • 2012, Sierra de Viento ICE Moscatel de Alejandría, Baco, BRONZE
  • 2013, Sierra de Viento ICE Moscatel de Alejandría, Baco, GOLD
  • 2015, Sierra de Viento ICE Moscatel de Alejandría, Bacchus, GRAN BACCHUS DE ORO

This overripe grape gives us an amber muscat with dark topaz reflections. It exhibits fruity and floral, even spicy aromas, in all its splendour. In the mouth it is very balanced, tasty, glyceride and the sugars appear framed in a fine acidity.

Serving temperature: 5º – 6º C

Pairing: Traditionally with desserts, cakes, ice cream, ideal with flaky pastries, almond cake and sponge cakes. Also as an accompaniment for roasted nuts and for the most daring, with foie gras.

The grapes are incubated in stainless steel tanks where they partially ferment and undergo a long 5-month maceration, to obtain this unique liqueur wine.

  • Variety: Moscatel de Alejandría 100%
  • Harvest: manual in boxes.
  • Volume: 50cl.

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