Founded in 1944 by 60 winegrowers from Cariñena region who mainly made wine bulk,

Gran Ducay Bodegas

Bodegas Gran Ducay was founded in 1984, specialized in the cava production that used to be made by craftsmen for the private consumption of the winery 700 associates.

Gran Ducay is an aragonese cava of fine bubble that is highly regarded by the wine sector, obtaining a qualification of excellent. Currently the cava Gran Ducay production keeps its traditional essence,
so a strict production control is needed, with the aim of guaranteeing its highest quality.


D.O.P. Cariñena

Cariñena region is placed in the middle valley of Ebro river and includes 14 municipalities from Zaragoza: Aguarón, Aladrén, Alfamen, Almonacid de la Sierra, Alpartir, Cosuenda, Encinacorba, Longares, Mezalocha, Muel, Paniza, Tosos y Villanueva de Huerva.

Its wine tradition goes back to the third century BC, when the inhabitants from the Roman village Carae (currently Cariñena) already drunk wine mixed with honey.

During centuries, wines from the region were praised by written testimonies. The visit of the king Philip II of Spain to Cariñena is popularly known. According to chronicles he was welcomed with public fountains spouting red and white wine – tradition kept alive nowadays-. In 1909, the king Alfonso XIII of Spain awarded Cariñena with the title of Town because of its arduous labour in the recovery of vineyards affected by the Filoxera, a plague that devastated vineyards across Europe at the end of the 19th century.

In 1932, Cariñena obtained the first Designation of Origin in the Aragon region, being one of the first wineries in Spain obtaining this distinction as well.