Founded in 1944 by 60 winegrowers from Cariñena region who mainly made wine bulk, Cooperativa Vinícola San Valero has already more than 500 members of its cooperative, provided with the best technology to make high quality wines suitable for the most demanding palates.

Belonging to one of the most ancient denominations of origin in Spain, set up in 1932, Cooperativa Vinícola San Valero has been always committed to innovation and quality, being a pioneer in the introduction of bottling in Aragón in the 60s. In 1983, the winery bet on a monitored grape harvesting, setting up quality control parameters in the harvesting process.

Besides investing in cutting edge manufacturing facilities, Cooperativa Vinícola San Valero has recently introduced the selected grape harvesting, seeking even more the excellence in its wines by the selection of vineyards older than 30 years.

Bodega Gran Ducay

In the early 1980’s, with expert advice from a family of Penedés winemakers, Bodegas San Valero begins limited and exclusive production of cava for its associate members. Subsequently, owing to the product’s huge success, Bodegas Gran Ducay is set up in April 1984 to expand production and market the product on a wider scale.

Following Spain’s entry in the EEC (European Economic Community) and the harmonisation of Community and national legislation, the district of Cariñena becomes one of the few outside Catalonia to form part of the so-called Cava Region, making up the Cava PDO, or Protected Designation of Origin.

Hence, cava marketed as Gran Ducay, made using the traditional method of fermentation in the bottle, is one of the few cavas certified by the Regulatory Council for the Cava PDO In Aragon.

Bodega Particular de San Valero

In the wines produced in the Particular cellar, founded in 2014, tradition is married with modernity. This pays tribute to the origins of the winery, when winegrowers made the wine for their own private consumption (‘particular’ being the Spanish word for ‘private’). Of limited production, inspired by ancestral customs of the past, and perfect for enjoyment in the 21st century.

The Particular collection is wine transformed into art, drawing inspiration from the traditional methods used by winemakers to produce the wine, when simple markings were traced by hand on the various different barrels to tell them apart. An affable wine offering elegance and authenticity, made to be enjoyed in private, with friends and family.

Bodegaverde de San Valero

This winery, founded in 2014, has the greatest extension of organic vines in Aragon, with a total area covering 330 hectares of 100% environmentally-friendly vineyards.

Wine-making families that have cultivated respect for the land and bonds with the countryside from one generation to another.

One aim: to transform light into silence.

One philosophy: everything that exists in the universe is connected.